In Real Estate Since mid 1800's Though I Am In My 40's

Yes. You read that correctly. In real estate since the mid 1800’s but I am only in my 40’s. How is that possible, you may ask? Let me explain.

As a real estate agent, you always look for ways to differentiate yourself from thousands of other realtors. Though I have been a top producing real estate agent for 12+ years, I still look for ways to prove why any seller or buyer should contact me. I’ve thought about dressing up in a super hero outfit, but I think that has been down many times over and not that sure if you want to see me in tights. I thought about being featured on a television show and showing off my real estate skills. Been there, done that, got a bouquet of flowers for it. But then something hit me: AN EPIPHANY! I am already different just by being me.

Who else can be a better me than me? Just by taking a look at my DNA, I realized that I am the only one that can do me better than anyone else. My DNA prepared me for being a top real estate agent, an entrepreneur and a teacher. My experiences in life confirm it. I first wanted to become a real estate agent because of a bad experience in the purchasing of our first home. My husband said: “Rochelle, you can sell houses better than her and the experience would be a whole lot different.” He was right! Little did I know that the desire to sell real estate was already in my DNA.

In a recent visit to see family in South Texas, I learned about my ancestors’ real estate history and their recognition by the State of Texas. Since the mid 1800’s, my family owned and sold real estate, built numerous schools, built 100’s of houses and among other skills, were educators. The State of Texas recognized my family for these incredible contributions to society.

My DNA qualifies me in being an expert in real estate. It is in my blood, it is in my bones, it is me. So I realized that I do not need to work so hard at being different. My family history differentiates me from any other realtor. I, like my ancestors, run a real estate business based upon integrity and honesty. I believe these are main reasons why my business is based upon referrals.

My A Ha! moment is that I have no need for all the marketing gimmicks. If I continue to help people sell or buy their most needed and precious possession – their home – with style, grace, honesty and integrity, then my services will always be needed.

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  • Top Individual Producer 2014
  • Associate Leadership Counsel 2014, 2015
  • Keller Williams Ignite Real Estate Teacher 2014, 2015