Part 5: How To Attract Buyers To Your Property - Smell Therapy

Part 5: Law of Attraction and Real Estate – Smell Therapy

"… the ability to experience and express emotion grew directly out of our brain’s ability to process smell.” according to Brown University psychologist Rachel Herz.    It is easy to understand how our sense of smell affects our emotions.  Are you immediately put in a good mood with the smell of fresh cut flowers or baked apple pie?  Are you turned off by the odor from garbage or dog urine?  Two words: smell therapy.

Smell therapy can create emotions in a potential buyer that will either attract or detract from your property.  To work so hard to impress a potential buyer based upon Part 4: Law of Attraction and Real Estate – Fashion could be sapped within seconds by the wrong smell therapy.  The right smell therapy can make a potential buyer feel warm and inviting, envisioning themselves with the property.  So what is the right smell therapy for your home?  

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