Part 4: Law of Attraction and Real Estate - Fashion

How To Attract Buyers To Your Property

Part 4: Law of Attraction and Real Estate – Fashion

Before you walk out of the door each morning, do you check yourself in the mirror?  Of course you do!   You want to look GOOD!  You dress to impress.  It is not because you are vain, but rather you want to look clean, neat and presentable - fashion.  

As we learned from Part 3 of the Law of Attraction and Real Estate – First Impressions, that people make their assessments in the first few seconds of seeing a person, or in this case, a property.  The same rings true when a buyer views a property online and is attracted enough to want to view the property in person.   Based upon the law of attraction and real estate, when a buyer decides to view a property in person, the buyer is looking to confirm what made them choose this property online.  Either they confirm their love for the property in person or they walk right out of the door and move on.

So how does fashion come in to play with real estate?  Do you remember why you looked in the mirror this morning and through-out the day?  You wanted to be clean, neat and presentable.  Take a look at your home.  Is it clean, neat and presentable?  If a buyer views a dirty, cluttered or smelly home, will it confirm the law of attraction for the potential buyer or will they move on? 

Since I am experienced in the law of attraction and real estate, even I use fashion … used to amplify my professional way of doing business.  The key to your success is to choose me as your Realtor of choice.  Your FREE consultation is waiting to show you how to attract buyers to your property.  Visit http://www.pictureperfecthouse.com or contact me directly at (214) 727-7067.