Tips for a Clean Home Inspection

Each seller should desire a clean home inspection from the buyer.  Here are a few tips to ensure the property will inspect at its best: 

1.  Verify All Utilities are ON
2.  Ensure there is a working bulb in every light socket (including oven)
3.  Ensure a clear path to the Electrical Panel, Water Heater(s), Attic entrance(s) & Air Handlers
4.  Replace furnace filters if dirty
5.  Is there a pool?  Make sure the water level is up!
6.  Remove stored items that may hinder access under kitchen and bath counters
7.  Remove pets if at all possible or secure in a crate
8.  Be sure smoke detectors have fresh batteries
9.  Let the inspector work alone (please) 
Failure to heed this advice tends to result in incomplete inspections, or alternately, unnecessary items added to the report that can adversely affect a buyer’s perception of the house condition.

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