To All Seller’s or Potential Seller’s of Real Estate:

The real estate market is unlike anything you have seen in recent years. It is a seller’s market and has been since November of 2012. What does this mean? A market which has more buyers than sellers. High prices result from this excess of demand over supply. For you, it means that within hours and days of being on the market, properties are flying off the shelves. Buyers are presenting multiple offers on properties and in some cases writing offers on more than one home just to get an accepted offer. Sellers are experiencing this flood of buyers in many different price points and areas of North Dallas.

According to news sources and the National Association of Realtors, home prices are up by 6 – 8% in our North Texas market. That means that prices have gone from zero to 60 since November of 2012 in order to generate such reporting in January and February of 2013.

There is a method to this madness though. It is not just any home or property that is getting multiple offers. Having been in the business over 10 years with an average selling time of 33-39 days on the market, benefit from the advice of an experienced realtor and the use of my resources will help you reach your goals quickly.

It is now Spring Break, which has become one of the busiest weeks in real estate, already. If your home is not generating showings or offers, please allow me 1 hour of your time to discuss what changes you can make to the property and the list price in order to receive the attention of buyers. Please let me know your schedule as soon as possible.