Another National Opportunity: National Media Interview

So excited to have completed my first National media interview last week. As the new addition to the Coldwell Banker Residential (CBRB) media contact list, I received my first assignment of being interviewed for a real estate topic. The topic of this article is to discuss the pros and cons of purchasing a new home vs. a pre-existing home. The article should be available in a few weeks. I will post it when available.

What does being on the CBRB media contact list mean? If a media source would like to interview a realtor for a story, the media will contact CBRB corporate office to speak to an experienced and knowledgeable realtor. Corporate then assigns the media request to the appropriate realtor for that region.

If you have not yet seen my episode of My First Sale on HGTV, visit my website for the link: www.cbdfw.com/rochellefitzgerald.