How educated is your Realtor in reverse offers?

Question: How educated is your Realtor in reverse offers? Is your Realtor a good negotiator?

Answer: A reverse offer is when a seller makes an offer to a buyer, a seemingly interested buyer. Watch my HGTV episode of “My First Sale” in February 2011 where I show how this is done. It is the first time HGTV has presented a reverse offer on television!! And I am privileged and honored to be the Realtor to educate the public about this negotiation technique.

For me personally, I have implemented this negotiation tool for my sellers for the past 16 months. The majority of Realtors do not know anything about it or have heard of it but not been a strong negotiator for their seller and not tried it. It has been successful for me and my sellers. And now I get to educate sellers and realtors on HGTVs “My First Sale” – national television.