You and Me on HGTV?? It Is a Possibility. Contact Me Now!!

In 2008, I was presented the opportunity of featuring two of my listings on national television. Though both homes were filmed, only one home made the cut. And the home was the VERY FIRST HOME featured on the show "My First Home" on the HGTV station - TLC. (See http://realtorrochelle.blogspot.com for the details. Posted in 2008)

Also in 2008, HGTV asked that I audition for the show "Bang For Your Buck". Sad to say, I was a runner up and very disappointed. But happy to have had the opportunity.

But this time, the opportunity involves me AND you! Another opportunity has been presented to me! This time, I am looking for a homeowner that wants to sell their home for the very first time. HGTV will feature the realtor (me) and the homeowner (you) and the entire process (your home) on their show "My First Sale". Who do you know that would like to sell their home? You? A friend, co-worker, neighbor, family? Send them my way if you would please!

Please send their contact information and address through my website at www.cbdfw.com/rochellefitzgerald as soon as possible. Just select CONTACT ME and fill in the information asap!!