Pina Coladas and Real Estate??

A home owner contacted me because his investment property was having trouble. Trying to attempt a short sale on his own was a mind blowing experience. Since his lender instructed him to get representation by means of a realtor, not only was I up for the job, but I sold it in 35 days. I laugh (after the fact) at the feedback from the seller regarding his experience:

"Our home was compared to a ship in a storm, taking on water. You came in as our captain and right-sided the ship and sailed it through rough waters into calmer seas all the way to the dock. The transaction closed, which means we are now on the beach drinking pina coladas."

LOL... I have never heard such a description of my job performance, but you know I will take it! I just loved this and thought I would share it. Now let me get a pina colada, I'm thirsty.