First Time Home Buyer

Congrats to Christian for purchasing his first home. Christian decided to take advantage of the Federal Tax Credit by purchasing a home on Lake Ray Hubbard. Christian will receive $8,000 from the IRS to do as he so pleases. $8,000 could buy furniture, golf cart, towards a sail boat or just sit in the bank. The most important thing is that Christian is now a home owner!

The Federal Tax Credit is available until April 30, 2010. Any purchase must be under contract by April 30, 2010 and closed by June 30, 2010. This includes new builds.

If you want to build a home from the ground up, it generally takes 5 - 6 months. I can assist you in choosing a location, builder, floor plan and lot. For FHA financing, $500 can begin your new build. For Conventional financing, $1,000 can begin your new build.