Property Condition to Meet FHA Guidelines

If you want to purchase a foreclosure property or a home being sold as-is, make sure your Realtor knows what will pass FHA guidelines if you are qualified for an FHA loan.

These are just a few of the items that an appraiser will look at when viewing the condition of the home:

  • All properties must meet HUD Minimum Property Requirements. Repairs required on properties should involve elements that affect the safety, sanitary and structural soundness of the property. Examples of such repairs include but are not limited to: inadequate access/egress from bedrooms to exterior of home; leaking or worn out roof; evidence of structural problems; cracked masonry or foundation damage; defective paint in interior and exterior of homes constructed before 1978; defective exterior paint on homes constructed after 1978 where finish is unprotected; missing appliances attached to property; termite and dry rot inspections (when infestation noted by appraiser); less than average condition of sheetrock/walls; inoperative or inadequate plumbing, heating or electrical systems; drainage problems.