Combat The Media With Truth!

A strong DFW economy keeps real estate values up with strong job creation, continuing corporate and individual relocations and the oil and gas industry such as Barnett Shale. From September 2007 to August 2008, Texas created 243,100 jobs. The second highest was New York at 39,700. The truth is that DFW has an economy of their own.

Now lets bring this to our local area. The top metro areas for job growth brings Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington as No. 1. Bringing in 59,800 jobs which is a growth rate of 2%. In 2007 Dallas created 230 net new jobs per day and 472 net new residents per day.

Real estate is local. And real estate predictions for our local area are showing that the federal bailouts, interests rates, job security, election results, etc. is to bring returns over the next few months. The DFW residential market is poised to rebound in the spring of 2009.