"My First Home" on TLC and me, Realtor Rochelle!!

Have you ever watched "My First Home" on TLC? (http://tlc.discovery.com/guides/property/my-first-home/my-first-home.html) Well, I encourage you to watch soon because two of my North Dallas listings will be featured. That's right! The tv station TLC has chosen 1600 Montclair in Richardson and 1926 Geary in Garland (featured on the right side of this blog) to be featured, scheduled to air first of the year. Shooting of the episode will begin this weekend.

The sellers of 1600 Montclair and 1926 Geary contacted me to represent them in the sell of their properties. Both had confidence not only in my outreaching marketing and advertising plan but also with my "outrageous" customer service. As a result, they will benefit from national exposure. Could this have been your home? Yes, it very well could have.

Not only does my marketing plan outreach other realtors, but my contact base is also far reaching. Remember, not only does a realtor market and advertise, but a realtor must have a good rapport with the neighbors, clients, past and future buyers/sellers, and others. The more you know, the more exposure is provided for your home.

Stay tuned for pictures of the shoot and the date for which the show will air. And again, CONGRATS to both sellers that chose me to assist them in reaching their real estate goals!!